Email Studio

Email Studio allows businesses to reach the target audiences using Email as a channel. With email studio businesses can:

  1. Segment: Select or target audiences.
  2. Build: Craft personalized meaningful messages.
  3. Send: Get those messages into consumers inboxes.
  4. Track: Measure email performance.

Email Studio is the key to putting all of that data to work with:

  • An infrastructure that’s good for all types and sizes of businesses.
  • Integration with Salesforce CRM products like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.
  • Connections to almost any data source.
  • An easy-to-use interface with a variety of features.
email studio
advertising studio

Advertising Studio

Allows you to use data from SFMC and/or Salesforce CRM.  Advertising Studio helps businesses find, keep, and re-engage consumers better than ever before. It also means that they get the right ads in front of the right consumers, at the right moments. Using Advertising Studio businesses can

  1. Find new customers using lookalike audiences.
  2. Re-engage with inactive subscribers using Advertising as a channel.
  3. Use Journey builder to have multi-channel journeys built.

Mobile Studio

This tool within Marketing Cloud allows you to send SMS and Push Notifications on Android/ iOS platform. Inside Mobile Studio, businesses have access to three world-class mobile engagement solutions. Each is designed for specific mobile message types:

  • MobileConnect: SMS and MMS.
  • MobilePush: Push notifications and app inbox messages.
  • GroupConnect: Messages sent using a chat messaging app.

We at Code to Click Solutions have a team of experts to implement, manage and troubleshoot any issues with the tool.  With Mobile Studio, businesses get:

  • Easier solutions: Includes features that make mobile messaging a breeze.
  • More personalization: Allows businesses to tailor messages and keep consumers engaged.
  • More data: Allows businesses to learn more about consumers, personalize consumer experiences, and measure mobile marketing campaign success.
Journey Builder

Journey Builder

Journey Builder lets marketers create unique campaigns. A planned sequence of activities and processes that promote products, services, or resources by connecting email, mobile, advertising, the web, and direct mail with sales, service, and commerce. This creates a seamless customer experience.

Marketers use Journey Builder to:

  • Get to know their customers—Connect data across various sources and devices to gain a unified view of the customer.
  • Personalize customer journeys—Increase personalization with customers using artificial intelligence (AI) to determine the right message, channel, time, and frequency.
  • Engage customers with empathy—Create seamless customer experiences by projecting the right tone and context to customers through connected channels.
  • Analyze and optimize campaigns—Track analytics and engagement in one consolidated view.