Salesforce CPQ (Configure -> Price -> Quote) is a managed package that is used within Salesforce platform. It is used to configure the products offered, set prices, and create quotes. CPQ software is one of the fastest-growing B2B and B2C platforms today because it hastens the quote process and proposal generation. It opens the door to numerous opportunities to cross-sell and upsell. We have a team of experts to build complex product configurations, dynamic and tier-based pricing as well as intuitive Quotes for the clients.


With CPQ, complex configuration requirements are dealt with ease. When a customer has a specific requirement, this can be quickly fed into CPQ.


CPQ comes with a multi-layer discounting logic. This helps the company accurately calculate the price of the model requested by the customer. It gives the sales team the opportunity to use all the various levels of discount like distributor, volume, etc.


Once the price gets approval, a quote is generated and sent to the customer for review. The customer can go through the terms and conditions and alter anything that they require. This is then sent back for approval.

Features of Salesforce CPQ

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    Product Bundle: Bundle are used to handle product hierarchy or in simple terms the products which are sold together based on certain needs. Such as when you buy a laptop you get the whole configuration to choose from on the website like – Screen size, processor, RAM, storage etc.
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    Pricing : There can be multiple logics to handle pricing of the product such as same product can be sold at one price to a partner and different price to a retailer, Pricing which is offered based on the quantities sold I.e more quantity gets you a lower price, pricing which differs based on the region product is sold to, or based on the type of related products or an overall discount on the quote. CPQ, has you covered to handle any type of pricing logic.
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    Inbuilt Quote Document Generator: Salesforce CPQ lets us create a Quote document for it, and then send the document to our customers. Salesforce CPQ lets us customize the document creation and management process. We could use the easy-to-configure Quote Templates, Quote sections, and Quote Terms which are not only easy to use across different quote documents but also reusable.
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    External Services: CPQ lets you customize the pricing based on input from an external tool using robust and powerful programming abilities.
Features CPQ

  • CPQ Configuration

    Setup CPQ Package Settings and Configure CPQ Configuration as per bussiness requirements.

  • Product Bundle Setup

    Set up Individual Products & Bundled Products Catalog as per business requirements.

  • Pricing Setup

    Setup Product Pricing like product selling prices based on regions/country/areas and discounts based on business requirements.

  • Contract Amendment/Renewal

    Configure Amendment and Renewal Contracts to grow the business.

  • Approvals

    Set up the Standard Approval or Advance Approvals process as per business requirements to automate the sales process.

  • Quote Document

    Setup Quote Document based on templates as per business requirements

  • Data Migration

    Move CPQ data – Price Rule, Product Rule, Quote Template, etc. via Prodly, Gearset, and DataLoader